How PACE Makes a Difference

PACE programs enable those who are 55 and older to remain independent, even though they are certified to need nursing home care. By receiving coordinated medical care and support services, PACE programs help keep aging adults safely in their own homes.

Each PACE program maintains a day health center that combines healthcare services, socialization, therapies, and meals.

Caregivers benefit from support programs and peace of mind, knowing that their loved one is receiving quality health care and is not alone.

Group Of Seniors Using Resistance Bands In Fitness Class

What makes PACE programs so special?

  • PACE empowers medically complex elderly to age in place.
  • PACE provides quality care and high participant satisfaction.
  • PACE helps California predict costs and save money.
  • PACE is a capitated, full-risk, coordinated care program.
Two Senior Women Playing Dominoes At Day Care Centre