PACE organizations serve over 20,000 participants in 26 counties across California. To find a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) in your community, click on the link below and enter your zip code.

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The California PACE Association (CalPACE) works to advance the efforts of Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE®). PACE programs coordinate and provide all needed preventive, primary, acute, and long-term care services so older individuals can continue living in the community.

The PACE model is centered on the belief that it is better for the well-being of seniors with chronic care needs and their families to be served in the community whenever possible.


CalPACE was formed in 2007 as the nation’s first state PACE trade association to solve problems facing PACE providers and the seniors they serve. AltaMed of Los Angeles, The Center for Elders’ Independence of Oakland, On Lok of San Francisco, St Paul’s Seniors Services of San Diego, and Sutter Senior Care of Sacramento founded CalPACE. Learn more about PACE’s origins in California and our history here.

The PACE Model of Care

The Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE®) is a model of care that grew out of a public health initiative to promote effective and efficient treatment of patients with multiple chronic conditions outside of the hospital setting.

PACE incorporates interdisciplinary team care and an adult daycare to meet the needs of older adults with multiple chronic conditions, helping them remain in the community.

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PACE Facts

  • PACE costs significantly less than institutional care. In 2021, it is estimated California will pay over $130 million less than it would have if participants were served outside of PACE.
  • PACE costs up to 40% less than placement in skilled nursing facilities.
  • PACE keeps frail seniors in their homes and communities with high rates of satisfaction. 92% of PACE participants would recommend PACE to a close friend or relative.
  • PACE participants have lower rates of hospital and ER utilization than those served by other plans.

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The PACE Difference

PACE has a proved track record of successfully managing the care for participants who have an average of 20 medical conditions. See the video below to learn more about how PACE changes lives.

Before I found PACE video cover

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